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​NAPA VALLEY offers grape growers the best conditions in the world to succeed with their work. The sun, the humidity, the soil, and the water creates the best conditions for grapes which are then refined by skilled winemakers to first class wines. These conditions have attracted high profile wineries from Europe to Australia to establish themselves throughout the valley.

The flavors of Chauvignon Reserve originate from the specific winemaking skills Sjoeblom Winery has developed the past 20 years. When the grapes come into the winery, the juice is immediately removed from the skin to avoid tannins and color that otherwise dominate a Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The tannins tend to make a bubbly wine thick and heavy whereas Sjoeblom Winery's winemaking philosophy is to create a crisp and fresh bubbly wine with all the wonderful flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon.

After many years of trial and error the winemaker Mike Sjoblom have found the "secret" of how to tame this wild and extraordinary grape into a bubbly wine, with all its great aromas and flavors that only the Cabernet Sauvignon grape can offer. The creation we are so proud of is called Chauvignon Reserve, and with this handmade wine from Napa Valley, we think it is important to say;

       "All Champagnes are sparkling wines, but not all sparkling wines are Champagnes"

The wineries honoring the several hundred year old traditions called methodé champenoise differentiate themselves from those wineries that simply carbonate their white wines to make it bubbly. For more information about this method, read the section "methodé champenoise".

For the few years, Sjoeblom Winery has also created traditional still wine from a variety of grapes. In 2016 a Zinfandel was launched in Europe and a Chardonnay was launched in the US. There will be more wines coming out in 2017. Follow us at our website or on our Facebook to keep up with what is going on behind Sjoeblom Winery's doors.

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